Our services include Web Application Development, Mobile Apps Development, Cloud Based Services, Online Marketing and Search Engine Opmitization Services .



Web Application Development

Today the Internet has turned the world to a global village. The need for developing rich , interactive medium for online sharing of information for users and enterprises have evolved drastically.
We enable user and organizations to develop the best Web applications which fit right to their to business needs and thus enabling them reduce the cost of operations.
We develop these applications using the best design architectures. Our web application services include designing the most complex portals, applications, enterprise solutions and simple websites as well.
Using the latest frameworks , platforms , CMS's, ecommerce platforms that give us the added advantage . We are specialist in open source applications to serve these purposes.

Mobile Apps Development

Smart phones, mobiles today have evolved immensely. They have threatened the existence of traditional , PC's , Laptops, TV. We have a strong team for Mobile Application development. We have initiated these services specializing in Iphone and Android application development. We develop mobile apps for Web and desktop based applications. Also develop games , widgets , realtime services. 
Our developers work closely with our customers , our domain experts discuss and understand your business needs and propose the best possible solution which serves your purpose. Our experts have updated ourselves to be ready for the upcoming mobile trends as well.



Using Project Management Software it's easy to Manage distributed project teams online – Create project, tasks, sub-tasks, schedule tasks, assign tasks & sub-tasks to manager and employees, set dependencies, track progress, due date reminders and notifications by email and sms, generate reports, Gantt Charts, automatic invoice generation.

Project Management Software can be used to easily and effectively manage multiple projects and globally dispersed teams.
No matter where you or your teams are located, you just need good internet connection and you can start managing and collaborating on projects. AppSoft Solutions is one of the best Project Management Software provider offering services to various sectors like Manufacturing, Product Design, Financial Services, Construction, Chartered accountants, Recruitment, Background verification services etc.

Project Planning and Resource Allocation
Employee Performance Tracking
Time Sheet Management
Document Sharing and Management
Invoices and Payments Tracking




Design having suitable colour combination for matrimonial website with animated banner.
Web pages - Home, About, Services, Events, FAQ, Contact, Site map, Terms and conditions.
Online registration (paid or free) – Email notification to Admin.
Search – based on 1st/2nd marriage, height, annual income, complexion etc.
Unpaid members can search profiles but with limited access, they won't be able to see the contact details of profiles.
No restriction of number of profiles, photos etc.
Admin can add/edit/delete/de-activate profiles.
Interface for Admin to add/edit/delete contents, pictures.
FB page integration.
Basic SEO – adding keywords, meta-tags, website submission to all search engines.
Website hits analyzer – Google Analytics
Local business listing



Customer Relationship Management helps businesses keep track of their customers and come up with more efficient ways to market them. Customized CRM software can track the enquiries, maintain/update status, maintain to do list, send auto SMS/Email reminders, generate statistics, generate Enquiry conversion ratio details, employee efficiency.

New/Existing client Management
Track Enquiries.
Track Response to call/email, MOM, Quotation and negotiations, Conversions, Reason for non conversion, Ticket/Issue management.
Track Sales Team Performance.



We have a team of professionals dedicated for customized ecommerce website development. Our contribution in the ecommerce web development has improved the customer satisfaction, sales performances and the marketing initiatives of our clients. Our team closely works on producing a customized ecommerce website development, all new trends, meeting the ecommerce development field and giving you to utilize your website at the latest techniques and methods.
We use WordPress + WooCommerce along with PHP to develop customized Ecommerce websites having features like : discount coupons, sale price, region/zip code wise product display, most popular products, new arrivals, shipping calculations based on various criteria. Content Management System allows manage the website on your own having features like add/edit/delete products, shipping rules, bulk uploads etc.

Faster and smarter buying/selling procedures
Easy to find product
Enhance the customer experience with a 360 degree view of customers and prospects
Buying/selling 24/7
More reach to customers
No theoretical or geographic limitations
More reach to customers
Low operational costs
Better quality of services
No need to set up physical companies
Easy to start and manage a business
Ecommerce template design
Shopping Cart
Buying/selling 24/7
Payment gateway integration
Sales, purchase, Inventory software with reports for online sale


Cloud Based Services

Cloud based services being offered enabling organizations to use services without investing in the infrastructure needed. Today clients are looking for smart solutions which direct them achieve their goals without having to invest in dedicated resources. These services help clients to use services delivered via the internet direct. Our cloud based services offerings include SAAS, Business solutions , Hosting services.


Online Marketing and SEO
We are a internet marketing company with specializing in multi-faceted development for your business to maximize profits and generate long term success. In a nutshell we just too do one thing for your business is too generate more money for our clients.
We expertise in developing high-level target oriented marketing strategies to generate a flow of revenue for our for our clients and increase margins by cutting down their costs. We use various tools And channels too achieve these goals Consulting , Internet Marketing strategizing , SEO (search engine optimization) , Social Media marketing , Search Engine Marketing , Paid advertising ,etc .

Search Engine optimization is the art of making web and phone results to be friendly by search engines. We follow the priniciples of the Best Search Engines and make sure applications are SEO friendly.


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