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Inventory and Payroll System

Payroll software can speed up the process of calculating salaries, ensuring that payments are both accurate and on time. Payroll software will complete payroll calculations within few seconds. Payroll system will communicate with our attendance system that records employee attendance or time worked

* Employee Management System with Complete Record.

* Maintenance of Employee Master, Allowance, Deduction, Loan, Leave etc.
* Attendance System.
* Maintenance of Employee Ledger, Payment, Receipt etc.
* Reports for Provident Fund, ESIC, Minimum Wages, etc. with complete details.
* Printing of Salary slips, PF statements, ESI, over time etc.
* Employee Report, Attendance Report, Loan Statement and Leave Report.
* Data export facility for Employee Database

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Customized Software Development" is our biggest strength, we have developed a variety of tailor made software for various domains like manufacturing industries (customized ERP and CRM system), Doctors (Patient management system), chartered accounting and company secretary firms (Payroll processing, accounts, attendance, project management and documentation), Project Management System (paperless office) etc.

* Customized Project Management Software for placement management
* Customized Society Management Software to manage housing society’s data.
* Customized ERP software with GST invoicing and MIS reports.
* Customizations in Ecommerce website for displaying region specific products and brand wise sorting.
* Customized mobile compatible book reader with zoom in and out, jump to, previous, next, bookmark, add notes etc. functionalities.
* Web application development software for QR code generator.
* Complex payroll applications.
* Calculators for Complex Financial Services.
* Online Examination Application.
* Customized Student, Coaches management application.
* Customized enquiry management and CRM application.
* Customized application for HR to management recruitments.
* Customized mobile application for automation of tree census.


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ERP system is not just a software, it’s about setting up processes and best known practices within an organization. ERP Software developed by AppSoft Solutions is one of the best ERP software that not only helps in achieving paperless office but also helps in setting up best practices.

* Enquiry Management
* Quotation
* Sales Order
* Purchase Requisition (PR)
* Purchase Order To Supplier (PO)
* Material Inspection & GRN
* Warehouse Management
* Bill Of Material (BOM) & Bill Of Quantity (BOQ).
* Production Planning
* Daily Production – Conversion Of Raw Material To Finished Products.
* Material Scrap Management.
* Supply Chain Management.
* Tracking Of Material at Vendor (for painting, other processes etc.)
* Inspection
* Inventory
* Expenses Management
* Finance – Passbook Entries, Ledger Account, Balance Sheet.

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* Network / IT Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
* Web Portal Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
* Information Security Audit
* IT-GC Audit
* Cyber Security Implementation & Consultation
* Cyber Awareness Training
* ISO 27001 compliance & readiness
* Building & Maintaining a Secure IT Infrastructure
* Security Monitoring
* Malware Analysis
* Secure Software & Source Code Development
* Cyber Security for Organizational Safety
* Cyber Awareness
* Cyber Crime Investigation

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